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  1. Rainbow Six: Seige Beta Access Keys

    Wouldn't let me complete a new account...go figure lol.
  2. YOP....

    WE ARE HERE WE ARE HERE WE ARE HERE..............!!!
  3. nVidia Driver 337.88

    Seemed to make a huge difference, no more skipping/lag etc. Thanks!
  4. Hello!

    Great having you and BV on our server Yonyse!
  5. Only wanted....

    to see the lil blue dot indicating activity here on AR.
  6. Internet Checkers

  7. For the Dog Owners...

    lOL, SPOT ON!
  8. Retirement Shadow Box

    Looks great!
  9. New update. 1/30/14

    Appears to help those with newer AMD vid cards. Should anybody try this, please post thoughts/results.
  10. We can try to adjust the settings, how high did you ping and why? (were you downloading/streaming on another computer etc) We'll get it figured out.
  11. Phantom program.

    Works for the premium game.
  12. SSD drive

    Have not built a puter in a looong time but isnt the 2.5 inch for laptops? (If I'm wrong, please correct me)