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  2. Arma 3 Server

    I tried playing by myself a little earlier and after 5 deaths, I put it
  3. Arma 3 Server

    Nice! Been playing a little Arma 2 as of late also. I gotta reinstall arma 3 and hop on. I have to re-learn how to play lol
  4. Arma 3 Server

    I now have an Arma 3 server running on my home machine as well. It is running on and default ports. Password is the usual...
  5. Server Updates

    The latest and greatest version of IPB was installed today. It looks like everything went well. No issues to note. I also reformatted my home server, restored the TS server, and installed a fresh 7 Days to Die server. Let me know if you encounter any issues...
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